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    IVDesk specializes in helping businesses with 15-200 employees cut IT hassles and expense by running all of their IT.
  • Frustrated by IT Surprises?
    Let us help you cut your IT hassles by running your IT for you. We’ll run ALL your IT, so you can get back to business.
  • Cloud Confusion?
    If all this talk about the cloud has you confused and worried, let us help. Get the benefits of the cloud along with enterprise-level security.
  • Established,
    Complete IT Choice
    IVDesk gives you a secure and reliable way to run your IT. Improve employee uptime and save 20 to 40 percent over in-house solutions.
  • Complete IT for
    One Monthly Fee
    Let us take care of the costly IT capital equipment while you enjoy a predictable monthly fee.
  • Always Secure

    Always Secure

    IVDesk gives your company access to a private, highly secure data center for your applications and information.

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  • Always Available

    Always Available

    IVDesk makes it easy for employees to work from the office or home, their PC or mobile device. We're the only ones who can run ALL of your applications for you and ensure 99.95 percent uptime.

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  • Always Affordable

    Always Affordable

    IVDesk eliminates the need for in-house IT support or expensive hourly geek squads. You pay a monthly fee and never have to buy capital IT equipment again.

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Infoworld = “There’s no future in on-premises IT — it’s time to move to the cloud”

Great “realization” article by an anti-cloud writer… http://www.infoworld.com/print/238610 J. Peter Bruzzese says in the above article:  “I’ve been lying to myself: I thought IT would survive the next shift in technology as all infrastructure moves to the cloud. But I no longer believe IT will survive that cloud shift — certainly not IT as we…
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IVDesk has saved us money….not having to put money into capital when we could put it into our company and grow our customer base. I know they saved us a lot of headaches!

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